Knock knock… Calling Santa!!

Although we know that Santa loves children and blesses them with gifts but it seems we too need Santa Claus as he is the only hope for us. Yes, we all are grownups but we too again are his children. So, we do need him and deserve a treasure of his lovely gifts for all living being this Christmas.

Needless to say that the world is crushed down under severe crisis and everyone is crying over the problems that are triggered by this pandemic. So for all of us, let us request him to rekindle the joy and happiness in the world by showering his true blessings on each of us.

As we all know that we are the only being on this beautiful earth that is so-called cultured and well-behaved of all but still we too have desires and wants from which we seek happiness. Also, one cannot deny that our needs are directly or indirectly related to happiness but do our needs are getting unlimited or they become a necessity irrelevant to their need in our day-to-day lives!!

This brings to our original concern of wanting a SANTA for all of us for our needs turned into necessities. As humans, we never going to get satisfied ever. Yes, this human tendency and true nature!! It’s just that we knowingly or unknowingly chose “EVERYTHING OVER SOMETHING”.

But apart from unwanted wants and necessities do we need a SANTA CLAUS for our well-being? Let us dive-in deep for the needs from a completely different way and through all living being’s perspectives!!

So, let us go through some of the basic reasons that are listed below that help us to explain why we need miraculous SANTA for all beings on Earth struggling for their mere survival!

  •  PEACE OF MIND: Peace is above all! It is maybe the ultimate destination of all of us but unfortunately, it is the only thing that doesn’t come to free to any of them being. One has to struggle for one or another reason for real peace of mind. In today’s world, everything is so mechanized that one can’t afford to stop and breathe in peace. So, it’s a genuine top-most necessity to ask Santa to bring true peace of mind for all the beings living here on this planet.
  • FOOD, WATER, AND ROOF: Today we are going through a serious pandemic that hit the world badly and survival has become the hardest part of living in today’s world. Each of us is struggling and ultimately suffering from food, water, and roof. So, no one but only true angel “Santa” can come to our aid and help to bless us.
  • END OF WAR AND HATRED: Hatred and war are an inseparable part of each other. It won’t be incorrect to say that hatred is the mother of all wars and commotion going around the world. So, it is impossible as well as not within one’s reach to root out all the evils and hatred from the world and again sows the seeds of peace and true love around the world. For this, we need a miracle which only a genuine angel of the lord can provide for.
  • LOVE: Love has the immense power of winning hearts over war or hatred! It has the magical ability to heal the unbearable wounds that turn into strong bonding of eternal happiness. But sadly it just remained a beautiful word and almost lost its importance in the hearts of all human beings. So, again we ask Santa to let the world learn the powerful language of love and the power of love prevails forever.
  • TRUE HAPPINESS:  Happiness is the only thing we all strive for. In today’s world it is the only thing that cannot be bought or borrowed but everything! Everybody is in the constant search of happiness but might have forgotten that it is found within. So, let us urge our angel, our Santa to close all the grudges and lay the strong foundation of true happiness inside every single being residing on this planet.

We are humans but almost forgotten who are we and what we want from our life for our real self. We are constant into something and motivating ourselves to RUN. Not to mention how we erased the difference between our basic need and a necessity. No doubt, there is a thin or almost an invisible line to get the exact difference.

So, let us analyze…

  • Where are we heading?
  • Are we running towards an unknown destination but not destined to?
  •  Do we want for which are chasing for?
  •  Or we just programmed our lives to live like robots with “lifeless” expensive luxuries and ending our life with lots of regrets and relentless repent?

Unfortunately, lots of questions cannot be answered simply just like that. So, on this pious Christmas Eve, let us find answers that will lead to ultimate peace and happiness. Nonetheless, we need to pray to our Lord to send his Santa to eliminate all the evils and bless us with true happiness by satisfying the basic necessity of every single being.  

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