Festival of lights and designs, it’s here and it’s time for us to get lit and crafty!

Designed by freepik

Diwali, or Dipawali, is the most awaited and widely celebrated holiday in India. In the name of King Rama’s return, Lord Krishna’s victory and Lord Vishnu’s judgement, all of India come together to embody light and fight spiritual darkness.

This Diwali, get ready to see diya art, colourful lehengas, mouth watering sweets and most importantly creative rangolis!

Rangolis are and will forever be a form of art that will never fail to impress your grandmother. Handcrafted, beautiful patterns made from colourful sand, flower petals, dry flour or rice have been passed from generation to generation and are made to welcome deities into homes. (Bonus : They are so Instagram worthy!)

Designed by freepik

If you think making rangolis is an impossible task only artists can do; think again.

We are here to give you 5 super simple yet aesthetic rangoli patterns that even a beginner can master. It’s about time you show you’re folks you’re traditionally talented 😉

1. Flower Circles

Keeping it super simple, we start off with concentric circles made up of flower petals. This requires no additional skills, just a firm hand and patience that would leave your mother impressed.

2. VIBGYOR Sand Art

Remember when you were asked to not play with sand? Well, now you can make simple, elegant patterns with circles, squares, triangles and even rectangles! This will require minimum talent and maximum fun – get your hands dirty and get crafty! 

3. Diya Designs

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to rangolis – you can use whatever you want, so why not use beautifully decorated diyas to make your rangolis a super hit? Grab a couple of diyas, arrange them in a pattern and light them up! You’ll have a rangoli that is so easily done and have people so easily impressed.

4. Ricely Done

What if we told you that you can eat rice but can also make rangolis with it? Stop cooking and start making semi circles and triangles with rice. We give you a design that is just as easy as making rice!

5. Get Grainy

We’re starting to get hungry, why not use grains, pulses and seeds while we talk of rangolis? Bringing food to art, we give you a pattern that is simply a flower filled with items your mother calls ‘nutritious’.

This Diwali, we hope you pair your diyas with creative rangolis and make your holiday Instagram picture worthy!

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