Independent Sellers In India

Deal Delight Loves Independent Sellers, Do You?


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To simply put it, someone who is entirely responsible for his or her own business is termed as an ‘independent seller’. The old uncle selling vegetables in a cart is an independent seller, the talkative aunty selling stationery is an independent seller, even the enthusiastic child serving delicious chats is an independent seller! Independent sellers or small businesses tend to bring in a personal touch – a comfort that MNCs fail to bring. Dedicated with passion and fueled by hard work, local sellers or businesses put their all into providing you with products or services that are unforgettable. We’re much more likely to eat samosas from our aunty down the street than burgers from Mc Donald’s. We’re nobody to throw shade, but you and I both know – a trusted source is the best source and we’re hoping to make you trust us.

With an aim to give local businesses a voice, we at Deal Delight are at your service. We’d encourage you to hit the streets and enjoy the local festivities first hand but with the current pandemic and ever rising technology, we’ve brought comfort through service, so that you can relax and enjoy while we bring you handcrafted bliss!

Deal Delight and Independent sellers? What’s the connection?

While these sellers provide you with their handcrafted products packed with love and passion, we provide them with our loyal services – Bridging the gap between you and them!

Independent sellers, makers, curators and artists are the heart of Deal Delight. Together, we’re like a car, while they accelerate, we run the wheels – making their dream and our goal a smooth ride.

We encourage small businesses because we believe big businesses start small. 

When you choose us, you choose them, doesn’t that sound like a sweet deal? 

Supporting the small is the force that drives us, and it ought to drive you too. 

Would you shy away from supporting the upcoming Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? No! Think of this generation’s young entrepreneurs as rising stars who are going to revolutionize the world, we’re living in. 

Our vision of bringing you a near perfect gift coupled with our mission of delighting everyone living on this planet, makes us go above and beyond when you trust us with your desire to gift. 

We guarantee to make the whole journey from the purchase to the delivery and ultimately the gifting delightful. When you surf our website, our products are made to shine by our hardworking vendors, when you choose a product, a small business celebrates, when you purchase an item, delivery agents get ready to deliver your product to your doorstep and finally when you gift your purchased item to your beloved ones, we at Deal Delight smile ear to ear! 

What are you waiting for? Go vocal for local by choosing Deal Delight. 

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