Memorable 2020

The past year 2020 was inevitably the most unusual yet intriguing year. A year we may never forget. After all, one doesn’t wake up every day finding his world being deeply affected in a situation so grave that his life takes a new turn. And now having stepped into 2021, it is a good time glancing back at 2020, a year that was heavily plunged into a global pandemic—COVID-19. In all probability, it feels nothing short of a turbulent roller-coaster ride.

As we entered the last year of the past decade, things began swiftly, with people glued to their good intentions and planned goals, just how one would expect it to be. But slowly things started to veer onto rough edges.

We witnessed a part of the world burning down in flames, leaving acres of nothingness behind. Australian bushfires, recorded as the worst, ravaged the flora and fauna up to a degree that it would take decades to recover.

One wouldn’t have thought in the beginning, but certainly the world was on the verge of war when Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani was assassinated. No wonder how it aggravated the existing critical situation only for a greater worse!

The year 2020 brought with it plenty of heartbreak. With the unprecedented deaths of many public figures and celebrities, of the ones we lost contracting COVID-19 or otherwise, we faced myriad of losses. The absence of these people left a void in our hearts, so deep, that it may never fill.

The social upheaval caused due to the protests relating to George Floyd’s death, whose echoes reverberated around the world. It was a call for change. People rose in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Nevertheless, 2020 was a melting pot of both dystopia and utopia. In all the distress and ongoing depression, people somehow managed to adapt to the new normal. Physical medium got bridged to digital. Schools stayed shut, studies became online. Economies crashed down, and remote working and work from home practices became popular and necessary. The world came to a global standstill. From gyms, hotels, markets, and cinema halls to schools, colleges, and offices, and even the places of worship, all were closed. Almost all the countries were under lockdown. People became familiar with the word ‘quarantine’ that wasn’t earlier used in colloquial and everyday language. We saw face masks becoming a fashion statement. A trend that doesn’t seem to be a fading fad, but that which is probably here to stay.

In 2020, distance separated us from our loved ones, hope kept us together. In a way it was only distance that could keep us closer, because going too close meant transmitting the coronavirus. Hence, negative became the new positive. For people who felt troubled in these tough times, expression—be it in any form, became a medium to vent out the angst, following which they felt at peace even for a short time only. People found cooking, dancing and other baseline activities as their not-so-secret mantra that helped them stay afloat in these stressful times. People resorted to doing Yoga that helped them stay fit and kept their minds positive.

It was also the year when the very best of humanity dazzled bright. The health care frontline workers went to great lengths in treating patients; people provided support to the most vulnerable; the world’s scientists, who are still working together to bring the world that major breakthrough everyone is ardently waiting for.

We saw various fantastic innovations and ingenuity in the past year. But, even after all this, we all, at some point of time, had moments where we did not feel infinite, instead we were only hoping for the bare minimum–to survive, to see the next sunrise, to keep our loved ones close.

Life after the lockdown buzzed along satisfactorily, with the habits that we learnt in the lockdown. People took requisite measures to stay safe, stay happy. Prayers and hopes filled the atmosphere just how the colours fill an empty canvas.

The economic and humanitarian crisis the world faced would take time to recover from, but we are in a process of bringing a change for a greater good. If we had asked you earlier, if you could survive all this you wouldn’t be so sure.  But you did, you all did. For a year that seemed presumably disastrous, we all came out fighting through it.

2020 had a lot in store for us. It taught us in ways we may have never imagined. But we must always remember every cloud has a silver lining. And that, hopefully, 2021 is the light at the other end of the tunnel, we are all eagerly seeking.

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